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How It Helps Developer

Developers used Mailatmars API For extended use of transactional email and manage their manage stuff.

Types Of API#

We Support Two types of API for the separation of workload and request management.

Manage API#

  • Manage API support Task Of managing contact list, Studio images, and list management.
  • Using Manage API you can control over automation that you build.
  • Widely used for creating a new contact and changing tags as per your APPs Preferences for marketing.

Transactional API#

  • Transactional API allows Sending emails easily When your APPs are Requested.
  • It is also sent by Tag, Segment, and other filters but is maximum for the first 20 contacts.
  • Also Support Dynamic Content that you send at the requested Time.

Make Sure, to send Transactional mail you need to add the first contact in the list and send a request with that list.