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Mailatmars Marketing Plateform

Let's discover Mailatmars Marketing Platform.

Getting Started#

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Checkout Best Marketing Platform#

we encourage you to publish this type of System that help well in your marketing effort.

this app helps you with email and social media conversation. mailatmars have a simple and pretty dashboard that helps you to manage your all marketing stuff.

while our main focus will improve your email conversation rate which makes your work easy and more authentic as compared to any other communication.

we still working on a good email CRM platform that helps your team to help your customer and new joiner.


mailatmars is built with high attention to improving your list maintenance and email marketing for great growth in recursion.

  • Campaigns
    • create and manage campaigns at the console.
    • the ability to choose an SMTP server for Sending
    • different pricing for sending Server ways.
    • A/B testing that builds your confidence in sending in the inbox.
  • Contact
    • Manage your contact list that is available in the mailatmars console.
    • tags and segments make your contact list and camping more targeted.
    • dynamic tables make your list more editable as compared to static tables.
  • Template
    • Create and manage your template with the mailatmars console.
    • edit the pre-built template in mailatmars editor.
    • Also provide to make your email editable with some configuration.
    • we also give the ability to send using mailatmars API.
  • Studio
    • Create a directory for managing content.
    • upload images in more ways like (cloud, local, URL, and API).
    • Search your choice picture from Unsplash API.
  • Automation
    • Able to make the customer journey
    • 10+ triggers that help Drive Automation
    • Custom Webhook when Event occurs
  • Developer
    • Easily Manage Developer Platform
    • 500+ pre-built email template support
    • also track transactional email for better analysis
  • Integration
    • we integrate more and more apps with us. to make a great user experience and feature that is useful for building lists, templates, and camping.